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Segmented Retaining Walls

Segmented retaining walls are modular block retaining walls used for vertical grade change applications. The walls are designed and constructed as either gravity retaining walls or reinforced soil retaining walls. The system consists of dry cast units that are placed without mortar, and rely on the unit to unit interface and mass to resist overturning and sliding. Unit to unit interfaces include friction, shear elements, and interlock.

These walls are considered flexible structures, and can be constructed from many different types of blocks that are available on today’s market. The blocks are manufactured in various dimensions, colors, and textures. They can be constructed in straight or curved lines and utilized in stairs to create terraces and entrances.

By Design Landscape Concepts, has been constructing segmented retaining walls for over twenty five years. Although there are many new styles and manufacturers available to choose from, the process of installation remains the same. Numerous considerations need to be addressed when constructing these walls. By Design is a certified installer by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, and would enjoy the opportunity to work with you on your next segmented retaining wall project.

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