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By Design Landscape Concepts, Inc.

Natural Stone Work

In the process of designing landscapes, the use of natural stone is certainly one of the most beautiful materials. Natural stone is the oldest, most durable, and versatile elements on earth available to man. Its beauty radiates for centuries in buildings, walls, and numerous other architectural applications. Stone is time tested throughout the world, creating and shaping history.

By Design utilizes stone in two functional ways. First to create stonewalls—either free standing or retaining the earth. These walls connect the surrounding landscape with nature in a harmonious way with everlasting beauty. These walls can function as property borders, as the old New England farmers used them when they cleared their fields. Walls can be used as accents in the garden or to create terraces. Professionally created stonewalls constructed by craftsman add elegance and sophistication to the surrounding landscape.

Designers use natural stone to create flat functional areas as well. Natural stone patios, terraces, sidewalks, and stairs all add beautiful components to any home.

Using large stone boulders in landscape design as natural accents creates a wonderful dimension to any landscape. The arrangement of smaller stones to create natural stream beds with plants creates a unique environment to any property. As a designer, I am always looking for ways to include the use of natural stone in the landscaping in an effort to capture the old endless feeling of time.

By Design Landscape Concepts, has been creating architectural features with natural stone for over twenty five years. We procure stone from local regions to maintain continuity with the landscape. Allow us to assist in creating an astonishing landscape integrating natural stone to capture the beauty of your property.

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