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Natural Hand Pruning

Shearing plants is one of the mostly widely used practices by landscapers despite the fact that shearing is the most detrimental, harmful practice that plants can undergo. Sheared plants take years to recover their shape, growth, and blooming. True plant professionals use hand pruning to achieve the shape and growth of trees and shrubs.

Pruning is a practice in which we selectively remove dead and diseased branches from the tree or shrub using manual horticultural tools. We strive to maintain the plant’s natural shape. It is our experience with plants that separates us from others in the field in that we know how plants represent themselves in their natural form. Years of experience has shaped our practices. We promote growth and better plant health, allowing increased blooming periods in flowering trees and shrubs. Pruning is a form of art that should be left in the hand of professionals, not those with the newest gas powered shears.

Landscaping increases the value of your home, so don’t leave the maintenance of your trees and shrubs in the hands of unskilled landscapers. By Design Landscape Concepts performs pruning services throughout the year, including dormant times of the season when the interior structure of the plant can be seen and evaluated.

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