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Lawn Renovation

Lawn renovation involves restoring a deteriorated turf grass area to an improved condition. Depending on the condition of the existing turf, this process can be accomplished without establishing a new lawn. The primary step in lawn renovation is to correct the cause of turf deterioration. Reasons for failure include drought, excessive amounts of shade, tree root compaction, poor site drainage, inadequate fertility, weed or insect infestation, disease, thatch buildup, and improper mowing techniques. As you can see, many factors determine the health of turf grass. Most of these problems can be corrected by renovation, proper turf grass selection, and improved maintenance practices.

By Design can assist you in determining the best way to manage your renovation project. Thatching, aeration, topdressing, and mechanical breakup of sub soil are just a few of the ways to begin. Mowing, fertilization, and irrigation are the best methods of developing your newly renovated lawn.

The time of year renovation is to be performed, as well as soil and air temperature play an important role in establishing turf grass. This doesn’t always mean more nitrogen. Insects and disease need to be monitored constantly to maintain the health of your turf. If you allow heavy thatch to develop, you will be creating an environment for insects to harbor.

By Design can provide you with a comprehensive plan for renovating your lawn, and together, we can establish the beautiful, lush, green grass we all want to feel under our bare feet!

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