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Large Caliper Trees and Evergreens

Large caliper trees and evergreens have many uses in the landscape. For example, large evergreens may be used to screen abutting properties, create privacy on the site, or to create a focal point in the design. We work very closely with our clients to select the proper specimen that will enhance the setting and thrive in the given environment and soil conditions. We hand select these specimens from local growers, obtaining the highest quality one can expect. We encourage our clients to participate in this process by accompanying us to the nursery to make a selection.

Harvesting mature trees is an art in itself. Certain trees are hand-dug and drum-laced to secure the root ball of the tree. Others require mechanical digging with the use of tree spades. Our experience allows us to choose the best proper method of harvesting depending on the variety, time of year, and soil conditions. Harvesting trees with the proper sized root ball is the most important aspect for planting success.

Before the trees are installed, they must be transported properly from the nursery to the site. Proper handling of the root ball and securing the tree during transportation is crucial in the survivability of the specimen.

The success rate of installing these large trees and evergreens hinges on the time of year. For example, some varieties like Birch can only be planted in the spring. Others like maples, oaks, and dogwoods can be planted in both spring and fall.

We take tremendous pride in our selection methods, and provide our clients with the finest specimens.

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